Henry the adopted dog is an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves to go hiking with his human family. And a few months ago, that family decided they needed another animal around the house — but this time, they wanted a cat. When they saw rescue kitty Baloo, they knew he was the one, and promptly gave him a forever home in their household.

When Henry met Baloo, it was love at first sight, and the pair became inseparable. But could the dog and cat possibly share their outdoor adventures together?

Amazingly, the answer was “yes” – with Baloo safely harnessed, of course.

Not only do the furry friends love their outdoor time, but Baloo also enjoys laying on Henry’s head, just like a hat — making for some of the most adorable animal buddy pics ever!

Not all animals are suited for hiking like these two, so please always take caution before bringing your animals on outdoor excursions.