VIDEO: Cat ‘Bodyguard’ Waits with His Best Friend for the School Bus Every Day

Putting to rest any questions about feline loyalty, Fish the cat gets up every morning to wait for the school bus with his human best friend, making sure the boy makes it on board safe and sound.

No matter if it’s raining, snowing or blistery hot, Fish stands sentry until the bus picks the boy up, never taking so much as a day off. Only after Fish knows the boy is on his way to school will the protective kitty make his way back inside the door of their home.


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  1. Tisa

    So sweet. What a wonderful bond those 2 have. Precious. Kitties are so loving.
    And this boy will probably grow up being kind to animals. What a treasure he is.

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  2. Leanne

    What a true and loyal friend. This is such a beautiful story of friendship and devotion.

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  3. SAssy

    Beautiful. Cats are so intelligent. What a gorgeous story.

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  4. Dana

    How lucky this student is to have such a devoted friend. Many people would not be As good a friend as this sweet cat.

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  5. cindi scholefield

    He keeps his boy gentle company, and I wouldn’t be surprised, if someone troubled his master, if Fish didn’t go on the attack. Bravo Fish

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  6. F.C. Hilnbrand

    Thanks You for this story. This is a beautiful story of a boy and his kitty. This made me smile and not cry like some of the other stories of animals being abused.

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  7. Ruth M.


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  8. Eddie Cabrera

    Subject a heart warming story .

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