A recent video of a 10-year-old boy, Enes Taylan, putting his life on the line to rescue a puppy trapped in an oil well is going viral.

The footage shows someone dangling the courageous child by his feet, as Taylan reaches for the distressed canine.

“We came here and heard a noise,” the young boy told Reuters. “We looked through this hole and the puppy was in there. We called [emergency crews]. They arrived and lifted the lid.”

After grabbing the terrified, oil-covered puppy and pulling him to safety, Taylan headed to a nearby river to rinse the fortunate pup off and brought him back to his house.

“I took the rescued dog home,” he told local media, “washed [him] with shampoo and fed [him].”

Viewers around the world are praising the boy’s quick thinking and heroic deed. Thank you, Taylan.