VIDEO: Baby Orca Stuns Onlookers with Spectacular Belly Flops

Whale watchers in Vancouver, BC enjoyed a spectacular treat when a baby orca leaped out of the water and proceeded to perform a series of “belly flops” in front of the crowd.

The orca did four amazing leaps in a row, offering lucky viewers a memory that will surely last a lifetime.

This natural “performance” proves yet again┬áthat watching whales in the wild — and not at cruel attractions like SeaWorld — is the very best way to see these amazing animals.


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  1. Michelle Yassai

    That’s beauty of nature u r watching animals happiness in freedom not in entertainment.

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    • Nina

      Watching them as is meant to be and what a show.

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  2. Nina

    They are performing “on their own” at their own Free will right in their habitat, what could be better!!! Seaworld go to Hell!!! You do nothing but Enslave these beautiful, remarkable creature’s and Force them to perform many time’s a day!

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  3. Monica K

    God’s creatures doing what they love to do in their own HABITAT!!! Without be forced and given old fish to entertain people for money. (Sea World). I love this video, this is the way God intended for all his animals to live free and able to do what they want when they want to do it.

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