This video of baby orangutans playing in nursery school is so sweet! The video is from Four Paws International and it features rescued baby orangutans with their surrogate moms. How adorable are these little cuties?

These precious babies are learning to navigate the forest with the help of their nannies at the Four Paws Forest School in Borneo. All of these babies are orphans, their parents victims of the palm oil trade and human-animal conflict. These special students are overcoming their tragic pasts and learning to navigate the forest in preparation for being released back into the wild.

One of the orphaned orangutans attending forest school is named Gerhana. At just 11 months old, Gerhana has seen a lot in his short life. He sadly lost his mother and was found clinging to life with a bullet lodged in his shoulder. Despite this tragic experience, Gerhana is growing stronger and learning to navigate the forest with the help of his dedicated nannies.

Another very special student is a baby orangutan named Gonda. At 19 months old, Gonda was being raised by a farming family that found him all alone. Luckily he was handed over to to the rescue in order to give him the opportunity to be an orangutan again. Because of his human upbringing, he showed severe deficiencies in locomotion and dexterity. He has a lot of learning to do, but little Gonda is showing improvements week after week.

The Four Paws rescue and rehabilitation program in Borneo works in partnership with the Indonesian Government. These sweet little orphans still have a long road ahead of them and a lot more time to spend with their surrogate moms. The main goal is to one day release them back into the wild so that they can have babies of their own.