The Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica recently received a coati mom and two pups from local firemen after the mother gave birth under someone’s porch. The animals were rescued and brought to TRR’s wildlife rehabilitation clinic for a medical check-up. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the mom then gave birth to two more pups at the rescue center!

Coatis are a kind of mammal native to South America, Central America, and the southwestern United States. They usually live deep in the forests and stay clear of people, but this mom must have wandered into town. This sweet family stayed at Toucan Rescue Ranch until the little pups started to walk; then, it was time for their release back to the wild.

The TRR release team picked out a beautiful local natural reserve called Bosque Caricias for the coatis’ reintroduction into the forest. As you can see in the video, the mom was at first a bit nervous, and she ventured out without her pups to survey the environment. The release team put the pups in the grass and gave the family a little more privacy, and the mom quickly came back for her adorable little babies.

It’s just heartwarming to see this precious family back in their natural environment. This coati mom is doing a great job taking care of her babies. We wish them a long and happy life in the forest!