This adorable video of a waddle of penguin chicks was captured in East Antarctica by the Australian Antarctic Division.

In the video, the emperor penguin chicks can be seen walking across the ice in a single-file line, while one struggles to keep up with the rest. Like a teacher keeping a watchful eye on their students, an adult penguin follows the chicks from the very back of the line.

Penguin chicks are left in groups called  ‘crèches‘ while their parents go to the ocean to fish. A crèche is usually looked after by an elder member of the colony.

Emperor penguins live in Antarctica, the coldest place on the planet, and remain there for life. They grow to be four feet tall and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds.

According to the Australian Antarctic Program, the chicks in this video will grow fast – by December, they’ll be the same size as their parents.

They don’t stay little for long – enjoy this cute footage!