A Shih Tzu named Fallon was in “pitiful shape” when rescuers found him. With severely matted fur and maggots crawling out of his eyes, the pup was suffering heavily.

Despite Fallon’s medical problems, he maintained a calm and sweet demeanor with rescue staff. According to veterinarian Dr. Liz, “he just let us take care of him. It was like he knew we were here to help.”

Fallon’s eyes couldn’t be saved, and were removed by Dr. Liz. He also received a fresh cut and a bath, which made him look (and probably feel) like a brand new dog. According to Dr. Liz, Fallon has adjusted well to his blindness.

After fostering Fallon for a week, Dr. Liz decided he belonged in her home permanently and adopted him. She’s extended his name by giving him the first name “Jimmy” – that’s right, his name is “Jimmy Fallon!” Not only does the pup have a cool name, he’s got a safe home and his health has improved.

Thank you to everyday heroes like Dr. Liz, who dedicate their lives to rescuing animals and sometimes go the “extra mile” by providing one with a forever home!