A puppy named Trooper has found his forever home after getting a rough start in life.

At three months old, Trooper was abandoned in a park in Ohio alongside his sibling and was subsequently struck by a train.

The now-former guardian of the puppies was charged for his crime.

As a result of the accident, Trooper lost his tail, his hind legs, and an eye. He was rescued and rehabilitated by the Animal Friends Humane Society.

Although Trooper is still recovering, he’s ready to move onto the next chapter of his life. He’s been adopted by a family that has experience with disabled dogs and who will provide him with the care he needs.

The good news doesn’t stop there: Trooper has been given a wheelchair, courtesy of the Paw it Forward 4D Foundation, and he’s becoming more mobile by the day.

Trooper’s story reminds us that no animal is worth giving up on. Watch this video to see the adorable pup taking his new wheels for a spin!