Meet Earl Grey, an adorable puppy who was born with a cleft lip. Earl was surrendered by his original owner due to the extra care his condition required. Puppies with cleft lips are unable to nurse from their mother and must be tube-fed.

Earl was taken in by a woman named Nikki Carvey, who runs a bulldog rescue in Los Angeles known as Road Dogs and has helped save more than 100 dogs. While under her care, the shy pup came out of his shell. His ears perked up and he became more interactive and playful.

Nikki’s commitment to helping bulldogs was inspired by the first one she rescued, who was six weeks old and paralyzed. The experience taught her that there are a lot of special needs dogs out there who deserve a chance. According to Nikki, bulldogs are especially vulnerable to health problems right after birth, but can go on to have an excellent quality of life if they receive proper care.

Earl Grey found a forever home with a man named Craig and his fiancee, who also run a dog rescue. Although saying “goodbye” to the dogs she rescues is difficult for Nikki, being a “facilitator of happiness” to loving dog owners is also the most rewarding part of her work.