Wildlife in Canada gained a massive win as Health Canada announced that the brutal poison called “strychnine” would no longer be used in wildlife management.

Bears, wolves, and other animals in Canada mercilessly poisoned with strychnine experience immediate, painful muscular convulsions. They may suffer for as long as 24 hours before dying from suffocation or sheer exhaustion.

The poison affects animals’ muscles first, leaving their minds conscious of the pain during initial stages of poisoning. Poisoned animals experience pain and fear before breathing becomes impossible.

This ban on strychnine will protect countless species in Canada. Strychnine has been linked to the unintentional killing of a shocking number of untargeted animals, including lynxes, golden eagles, grizzly bears, endangered species, and even companion animals like dogs who have come across the poisonous bait.

Canada’s ban marks a huge victory for Canadian wildlife. Bears, wolves, and other animals who call the Canadian terrain home are now free to roam without risk of being brutally poisoned to death.

Lady Freethinker applauds Health Canada and everyone who spoke out against killing bears, wolves, and other animals with this inhumane poison.