An undercover investigation by the animal welfare group Mercy For Animals has exposed gruesome and filthy conditions that cows and calves allegedly endure at a supplier to one of Mexico’s largest dairy companies.

The disturbing footage shows newborn calves dragged away from their mothers and thrown into trailers, the fly-ridden corpses of male calves hanging in plain sight, and cows being kicked, punched, and dragged, according to Mercy for Animals.

“This is the horror behind a glass of milk,” a narrator intones over the undercover video shots.

Mercy for Animals alleges the farm with these conditions supplies Grupo LALA, a Mexican-based company whose U.S. subsidiary promoted products include Promised Land premium milk and cream products, Borden cultured products, Frusion smoothies, and Nordica cottage cheese.

Mercy For Animals is calling on Grupo LALA to get animal welfare certification for its supply chain through an independent program to prevent needless suffering, injuries, and diseases that can result from systemic abuse and mistreatment of dairy cows.

Grupo LALA did not immediately respond to the allegations prior to publication of this story.

Ultimately, the best way to help cows and calves is to choose to eat plant-based.

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