A 10-year-old girl who had to flee the war in Ukraine along with her family — and got separated from her beloved cat during the arduous journey — has been reunited with her cherished companion through the kindness of people across five continents and more than 7,000 miles.

The Bezhenars — Alexander, Maria and their daughters Eleanor, Angelina and Agnessa —had to leave nearly everything behind, including their beloved cat Arsenii, KRON reported.

But the family had the good fortune to connect with a man in the San Francisco Bay Area who provided them with a house, according to news reports.

As the family settled into their new home in Sonoma County, Dee Harnish, a German stewardess who had kept in touch with them, learned about Arsenii and how much Agnessa missed him, the Good News Network (GNN) reported.

“She [Agnessa] missed sleeping with her cat and she missed hugging him,” Maria Bezhenar reportedly told Harnish. “She missed everything about the cat because she had grown up with him.”

From that point, almost a dozen people, most of whom never met young Agnessa, all played a part in helping get Arsenii out of Ukraine, across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, and finally to the loving arms of Agnessa — a 7,000-mile global trek, according to GNN.

The reunion at San Francisco International Airport was complete with joyful tears, smiles and hugs when Agnessa finally reunited with her adored Arsenii, KRON reported.

Arsenii even has a new playmate, a similar-looking tabby kitten named Tosha.

“When Arsenii is with us, it’s like home is with us. Like part of our home is with us,” Maria Bezhenar said.

As the deadly Russian invasion continues to shatter lives, the Bezhenar family’s story is an uplifting reminder of the brilliance of human kindness and a glimmer of hope and compassion.

We’re overjoyed that this sweet girl and cat have been reunited and thank everyone who took the time to care for and help them through their journey.