A sweet cat pulled from the wreckage of a severe earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria has found a new forever home with the firefighter who rescued him.

Ali Cakas, a Turkish firefighter and mountain biker, shared the story of the cat, whom he named Enkaz — which means “rubble” or “debris” in Turkish.  After the disaster hit, Cakas searched the site for lives to rescue. He found the courageous black and white cat in an apartment complex that had been devastated by the earthquake, where Enkaz reportedly had been trapped for more than 129 hours, and gave the feline food and water.

Enkaz was clearly grateful the firefighter had come into his life — and now he refused to let his rescuer go. The cat then began following Cakas around.

Cakas searched for Enkaz’s guardian throughout the area of Nurdagi, Turkey, in vain. So he decided to adopt his newfound shadow.

Now, Enkaz lives with Cakas and his family in Mardin. The two have “formed a nice bond,” and now Cakas is completely enamored with his new feline companion.

Since the day he arrived in his new forever home, Enkaz spends as much time as possible on Cakas’ lap. The duo’s story has touched hearts worldwide, and now the pair has an Instagram account with more than 50 thousand followers – proving just how heartwarming rescue stories can be.

We are so grateful that Enkaz has a new home where he is unconditionally loved and safe. For more uplifting rescue tales, read Stormy the cat’s story here.