Noble Critters, a new non-profit clothing shop, donates 100% of its profits to animal rescues and sanctuaries. The organization sells animal-related T-shirts that celebrate the lives of our animal companions and help raise awareness about animal welfare and the importance of adoption.

Founder Pamela Jean Noble shared her motivation for getting involved in animal welfare and starting Noble Critters.

“I have always been a huge animal lover and wanted my own animal sanctuary one day,” she told Lady Freethinker. “Two years ago, after watching some documentaries, I decided I couldn’t ever eat meat again and haven’t since then.”

Pamela, knowing the amount of work, time, and money required to open her own sanctuary, wanted to start helping animals immediately. Putting her dreams on hold, she provides funds for animals in need through Noble Critters.

Noble Critters’ goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of animals and advocate for their humane treatment.

“We are a nonprofit, pending 501(c)3 approval – 100% of our profits are donated to animal sanctuaries,” their mission statement reads. “Being a part of this great cause is for those who walk quietly with a big stick; love like no one else; expect nothing in return; care when no one else does; and, are willing to be the voice for animals who don’t have one.”

Noble Critters currently works with three animal sanctuary partners, and all the profits from its sales go directly to these organizations: Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary cares for desperate animals saved from the meat trade; New Life Animal Sanctuary focuses on helping animals rescued from laboratories; Dallas DogRRR handles cases of extreme dog abuse, finding them loving forever homes.

“I hope I can grow Noble Critters to be a major nonprofit,” Pamela told Lady Freethinker. “We are donating thousands of dollars a month to these sanctuaries. Every purchase helps and counts. I am not taking a paycheck; my board is not taking a paycheck; this is simply to do our part and help as many animals as possible.”