After rescuing, rehabilitating, and homing almost 500 dogs over the last six years, Edgardo Zuñiga Juarez earned the moniker Edgardo Perros.

Perros, which translates to “dogs” in Spanish, felt compelled to save the overlooked stray pups struggling to survive on the streets of Mexico, and his compassionate and inspiring work helping Mexico’s canine community did not go unnoticed.

Photographer Stuart Williams shot a short documentary about Perros and his life-saving contributions, detailing Perros’ nearly 8,700-mile journey. Transversing his way through Mexico in a makeshift buggy, he welcomes dogs in need to his caravan. The inspiring animal lover began in Bucerias near Puerto Vallarta, traveled north across the US-Mexico border, and back down through Belize and Guatemala. His travels won’t end there, though, and Perros plans on rescuing and rehabilitating more abandoned dogs along the way.

“No one helps dogs living homeless on the road,” said Perros. “This is where I saw their pain … I was inspired by others who worked for animal rights before the laws against animal abuse even existed.”

Every dog that joins his pack receives love, kindness, food and medical care. They are all spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any injuries or health conditions they may have obtained after a difficult life on the streets. Perros lies with any dog that cannot be saved until he or she meets his or her end, allowing each neglected dog to find peace and love for the first time.

“I think that what someone in this situation needs,” said Perros, speaking about the unfortunate times in which a dog doesn’t recover, “no matter if a person or animal, is some company and even a little bit of love.”

Perros is grateful for the aid of veterinarians, advocates, and supporters alike, and he hopes that his work will continue to receive positive feedback and help society become a kinder place for animals.

“When I met Edgardo it was humbling. He does not even acknowledge the magnitude of his service,” said Williams of Perros. “To him, he is simply living his life in the only way he knows how.”

Once Perros finishes his journey, he hopes to settle down with his three canine companions in Mexico City and continue to fight against the abuse and neglect that innocent creatures experience around the world.