A cat who survived severe physical abuse is now a source of uplifting inspiration and hope, having moved on from his troubled beginnings to a loving forever home.

Benny’s success story is an important lesson in resilience, as well as a clear example of the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. The victimized feline suffered cracked ribs and a broken jaw at the hands of an adult abuser, who unfortunately escaped prosecution, the Long Beach Post reported.

Benny’s severe injuries required surgery amounting to $10,000, but miraculously good people came forward and helped him through the painful and frightening ordeal.

It was love at first sight when Beverly Leifer saw Benny at the Helen Sanders CatPAWS shelter. So when the rescue asked her to foster and adopt, Beverly wholeheartedly accepted. The  rescue provided the funding for Benny’s life-saving medical care.

After a long road to recovery, Benny is thriving and living a charmed life. He and Beverly also are raising awareness about the animal abuse and domestic violence via an Instagram account, @bennythecatsjustice.

The Instagram account is reaching thousands of people with the noble intention of raising awareness and spreading joy.

“Because of Benny’s mission of raising awareness about the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, someone contacted me and asked for resources for a friend in the LA area who needs a foster or temporary place for her cat while she deals with a dv (domestic violence) situation,” Beverly wrote in an Instagram post. “Hopefully she and her cat get the assistance she needs. I’m proud of Benny and myself that in some way we are helping people and their pets.”

A fundraiser to celebrate Benny’s fifth birthday had “about 100 attendees, $4000+ net raised to save more at-risk kittens and cats” and one dog adoption, according to another post on Benny’s Instagram account.
While Benny’s success story is a testament to the power of love from caring rescuers and animals’ own resilience and survivor instinct, far too many cases of animal abuse and domestic violence have sad, unfortunate outcomes.
Benny’s story is a great example of the importance of why treating cases of animal abuse seriously matters, as do swiftly reporting and taking a stand against domestic violence and animal cruelty.