VIDEO: Stray Kitten Found on Road is Saved by Dogs in Very Unlikely Friendship

When the good people of Howl of a Dog rescue in Romania found a small kitten abandoned on the side of the road, they knew they wanted to take him in. But there was one problem…their home was already occupied by an assortment of rescue dogs.

They took a chance, and it paid off. The kitty, now named Rilu, has become one of the pack, and follows the dogs wherever they go.

Had these dogs not accepted Rilu, he would have faced an uncertain fate. They saved him by allowing him to share their home.

We wish this beautiful bunch of animals many, many more happy times together.




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  1. Rachael Markson

    What wonderful people..and another example of how amazing and smart animals are! It’s as if the dogs and Rilu just knew exactly what was going on and what needed to be done.

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    Love this video. Amazing friendships. Thanks for taking this little kitty in and making her one of the pack!

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  3. Monica K

    Such a warm and beautiful story. This just shows how nurturing, loving, and caring animals can be if given the chance. Thank God for people that own the shelter where these beautiful animals live, hopefully soon each animal will go to a loving forever home.

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  4. Sarah

    What a beautiful story. Thank you to the wonderful rescuers and of course the gorgeous dogs. Looks like Rilu is having an absolute ball!

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