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Native wildlife are being lured from their homes, slaughtered, and their bodies dumped like refuse. Their killers are being awarded.

Congress has the power to end the merciless practice of wildlife killing contests: The reintroduced Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act would prohibit organizing, sponsoring, or participating in such contests on public land.

Animals such as coyotes and foxes are often baited from their dens, sometimes using devices that mimic their kin’s calls of distress, only to be met with a rifle. Their dead bodies may then be measured, stacked, and further degraded or disposed of. In one Pennsylvania killing contest, participants were found kicking the heads of slaughtered coyotes.

The cruelty is rewarded with prizes or cash – sometimes thousands of dollars.

“Killing apex predators and other targets for what some deem ‘sport’ is both cruel and unnecessary,” Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen, who reintroduced the bill, said. “These contests serve no legitimate wildlife-management purpose and ending them is the right thing to do.”

Sign our petition urging Congress to pass this critical bill to protect innocent wildlife — now and for generations.