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The Glue Trap Prohibition Act of 2024, if passed, could lead to a national ban on owning and using inhumane glue traps that ensnare and kill mice and other small animals.

Glue traps – also called glue boards – trap rodents and other small animals by sticking to their feet as they attempt to cross the trap. Unable to move, these suffering animals are left trying desperately to escape until they eventually die from starvation, dehydration, blood loss, or suffocation – often several painful days later.

Animals stuck in these malicious traps often tear off their skin or even gnaw off their own limbs to try to get free. They may also suffocate if their face becomes stuck in the glue.

Glue traps also kill indiscriminately. Any small animal that enters the trap — including birds, squirrels, stray kittens, and companion animals — could suffer a slow, painful death.

“Glue traps are ruthless, inhumane, and can be dangerous to the health of humans and their pets,” California Representative Ted Lieu, who introduced the new bill, said in a statement. Due to human health risks, the CDC recommends avoiding the use of glue traps for catching rodents because the animals become frightened while trapped, causing them to urinate, which increases their risk of spreading disease.

Several European countries, many Indian states, and parts of Australia have already outlawed glue traps. It’s time for the U.S. to pass a ban on these cruel contraptions as well.

Sign our petition urging Congress to pass this important new bill banning the sale and use of torturous glue traps.