A stray kitten in California’s Bay Area ended up stuck in a glue trap, and thanks to quick and creative thinking on behalf of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, the young feline is safe and in foster care until he finds his forever home.

The department received a call about the distressed and injured kitten over the weekend, and when officers arrived at the scene, they were at a loss. Thankfully, emergency dispatcher Doris Ingols suggested using vegetable oil on the kittens fur to separate him from the adhesive, and it was a success!

The homeless kitten was taken to the shelter affiliated with animal services, and Ingols, who volunteers at a rescue, decided to foster the youngster until he’s healthy and ready for his forever home.

Glue traps are an incredibly painful and ineffective way to deal with rodent or insect problems. Once an animal is stuck, they rarely escape and often injure themselves trying. They meet horrifying ends, suffocating if their mouth is stuck on the glue or dying as a result starvation, dehydration, or bleeding to death after gnawing off their own limbs. Birds, pets, and wildlife are susceptible to these traps and meet the same excruciating death.

There are many humane options available for ridding unwanted critters from your home, like box traps that allow for relocation and release and safe chemicals that ward them off through scent.

We are so glad this kitten found the help he needed and got a second chance at life as a result of the care and dedication of the entire department. Thank you Alameda County Sheriff’s Department for your kindness and compassion and for helping and saving every life, no matter how tiny!