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Colombian House of Representatives: [email protected]; President Gustavo Petro: https://gustavopetro.co/contacto/

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PETITION TARGET: Colombian House of Representatives and President Gustavo Petro

UPDATE (5/1/2023): Unfortunately, this bill died on a third reading in the Fifth Committee of the House of Representatives, according to news reports. We’re disappointed that bulls — and people — will continue to suffer and die for people’s cruel “entertainment.” Thank you to everyone who signed our petition, and we’ll keep advocating for bulls and all animals! —Lady Freethinker Staff


Chased and taunted, impaled with sharp spears, and ruthlessly killed in front of a cheering audience — that’s what happens to bulls exploited in cruel bullfights in Colombia in the name of “entertainment.”

But recently, Colombia’s Senate approved a measure to ban bullfighting nationwide – meaning this antiquated cruelty could soon end for good if the law is passed by the House of Representatives.

 The proposed law, sponsored by Senator Andrea Padilla, would ban all bull fights within the next three years. The law also would adjust existing practices to immediately outlaw cruelly killing animals in arenas with pikes and harpoon-like weapons called banderillas.

Bulls are sensitive and complex beings, and the majority of Colombians already recognize the inherent cruelty in bullfights. A recent poll by research company Datexco found 85 percent of polled Colombians wanted a ban on bullfighting, and protestors recently gathered at the nation’s capital to demand an end to the bloodsport.

Colombia is one of just eight countries where cruel bull fights are still legal. It’s time for Colombia to join the ever-growing list of countries and cities around the world that have already banned cruel and outdated bullfights.

Sign our petition to urge the Colombian House of Representatives and President Gustavo Petro to quickly pass a ban on bullfighting in Colombia so that this torturous “tradition” can finally come to an end.