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Betsy DeVos, United States Secretary of Education @BetsyDeVosED

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28,384 signatures

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PETITION TARGET: United States Secretary of Education Betsy Devos

UPDATE: We sent our petition, signed by more than 26,167 people, over to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. Thank you so much to everyone who spoke up on behalf of these innocent cats! We’ll continue to do all we can for animals suffering needlessly in laboratories and classrooms.  —Lady Freethinker Staff


America’s schools and universities are responsible for the killing of thousands of cats, using the animals’ lifeless bodies for dissection in a practice that is completely outdated and unnecessary.

The cats whose lives are callously tossed away are often lost pets, ferals or shelter animals who are injected with formaldehyde and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags so students can cut them up in science class.

In some horrifying cases, the corpses are abused in student “games.” Online videos have exposed students using dead cats in a choreographed “dance,” and jumping rope with the intestines of dissected felines. In one video, the corpse of a cat is placed on a car windshield as a practical joke.

The fact that many medical schools no longer use animal dissection indicates there is absolutely no need for this barbaric practice.

Not only is dissection borne from animal abuse, but it encourages young people to de-value the lives of animals, and desensitizes students to animal suffering.

Sign this petition to urge the United States Secretary of Education to ban cat dissection in all places of learning and use humane alternatives to teach science in America’s classrooms.