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PETITION TARGET: Reps. Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi

Did you know that under federal US law, there is no punishment for heinous acts of animal cruelty such as crushing, burning, drowning, suffocation, impaling and even bestiality?

In fact, US law only prohibits creating and distributing videos of animal torture — but not the torture itself.

Only state cruelty laws apply, making it impossible to prosecute at a federal level or charge animal torturers if the location of the crime is unclear.

But a new bill could change that. The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act would make it a federal crime to inflict animal torture or abuse everywhere that the federal government has jurisdiction.

This is the first law that would make animal cruelty illegal at the federal level and enable the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies to pursue the perpetrators.

The bill has passed unanimously in the Senate, and now awaits voting in the House of Representatives before it can become law.

Sign this petition urging House leaders Paul Ryan and  Nancy Pelosi to strongly support the PACT Act to help stop the  torture of animals, ensuring that those twisted individuals who maim innocent animals anywhere in the US may be caught and punished.