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Did you know that dog and cat meat are completely legal in 44 states of the U.S.? That’s right — as shocked and outraged as so many of us are by the brutality to companion animals in other parts of the world, the truth is that the slaughter is allowed right here in our homeland, too.

A mere 6 states have outlawed dog and cat meat; that leaves nearly 90% of the country with no law protecting these animals from being killed, butchered and eaten.

But now, there is an opportunity to finally end this atrocity. The House’s proposed farm bill contains language from H.R. 1406, the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, that would make killing of dogs and cats for meat an imprisonable offense.

The amendment has already passed the House Agriculture Committee. Now, we must speak out to ensure it remains in the farm bill to be passed by the full Congress and signed into law.

Sign this petition to urge House and Senate leaders to pass this important amendment, and finally end legal dog and cat slaughter in the U.S.