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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: https://pelosi.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

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PETITION TARGET: United States House and Senate Leaders

UPDATE (6/26/2023): This bill died but identical legislation has been created! To follow updates, please see our more updated petition here.


Over 10 horses are slaughtered every hour, all because U.S. laws fail to protect these majestic animals’ lives. They are packed into crowded trucks and shipped for hours, or even days, without food and water to the slaughterhouse. Transport is so stressful, many die before they reach their horrific destination, where agonizing death awaits.

There is hope: Congress has reintroduced a bill to ban the slaughter of domestic horses, as well as outlaw export of horses for slaughter in foreign countries. The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act would amend existing laws to stop production of horse meat, protecting human health and saving horses from suffering. We must speak out to to help this lifesaving legislation pass.

At these vile slaughterhouses, workers shoot the horses with a bolt gun to “stun” the animals, sometimes over and over because the horses remain conscious. Conscious or unconscious, their throats are slit and the horses bleed out and die.

It’s time to stop the killing.

Sign this petition urging U.S. congressional leaders to support the SAFE Act, finally ending the slaughter of America’s horses.