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PETITION TARGET: Henrico County Police

Two innocent dogs were found shot and badly injured in their backyard in Henrico County, Virginia, according to Henrico County Police.

The dogs’ guardian reportedly heard the shots and ran out to the backyard — discovering the two dogs had been brutally shot at their own home — before calling the police, according to news.

In a surveillance video released by Henrico County Police, a man is seen running towards a fence through a backyard, carrying a gun. Suddenly, he turns. He appears to fire his gun in the direction of barking dogs before climbing the fence and running away — reportedly leaving the two dogs wounded and in pain.

The extent of the dogs’ injuries haven’t been disclosed. Fortunately, the dogs reportedly survived the horrible attack, but they should never have been subjected to the violence in the first place.

Dogs are sentient animals that deserve our kindness and compassion.

Inflicting such gruesome injury on a companion animal is not only cruel — it is illegal under Virginia law.

Sign our petition urging the Henrico County Police department to thoroughly investigate and apprehend the person(s) responsible for harming these two dogs, before they have the chance to harm another animal and/or human.

Henrico County police are asking for anyone with information in this case to call Officer Evans at (804)816-8624.