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PETITION TARGET: Miami-Dade Police Department

Two defenseless puppies – one of whom was locked in a feces-covered crate – were found dead and dumped near a roadside in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Investigators said the first puppy, found under a cardboard box at an intersection, had likely been left there for about a week, according to news reports. The second dead puppy was discovered in a crate on the same road. The crate had wire wrapped around it to prevent the animal from escaping and there was a reported inch of feces inside that the animal was forced to sit in.

The puppy’s paws and tail were completely black from the feces.

Before both of these incidents, another dog was shot in the face along the same road, according to news reports.

It’s crucial that this horrendous trend of fatal and intentional violence against animals ends, and everyone responsible is held fully accountable.

Sign our petition to urge the Miami-Dade Police Department to use all available resources to find the individual(s) responsible, forward any applicable animal cruelty charges on to a prosecutor, and push for full accountability — including a maximum ban on owning animals to prevent any future acts of neglect.