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PETITION TARGET: Leicestershire Police

A three-year-old therapy dog’s lifeless body was discovered over three months after thieves ripped her from her home in Leicestershire, U.K.

Lottie the Dalmatian’s tragic death spelled catastrophe for Chloe, a young girl with autism whom the pup provided with constant companionship.

“I’ve now got to break my 12-year-old’s heart tonight,” Chloe’s mother, Gemma Hopkins, wrote on social media. “We are all heartbroken, we never wanted this ending. We kept hopeful. Goodbye, my crazy bunch of spots.”

While the circumstances surrounding Lottie’s death are still being determined, the young Dalmatian should’ve been home and in the care of her loving family the last three months. Police are working to identify the thieves who broke into Ms. Hopkins’s home and stole the dog.

Whoever is responsible for this crime, which might’ve ultimately led to Lottie’s death, must be brought to justice. An innocent dog is without her life, and a grieving child is without her best friend.

Sign this petition urging the Leicestershire Police to put all available resources into identifying and charging the perpetrator(s) before other animals can be harmed.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information should contact the Leicestershire Police.