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Utica Indiana Police Department, [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Utica Police Department

A beloved service dog was left bloody and suffering in pain after being brutally shot in the neck while in the yard of her home in Utica, Indiana, according to news.

Freeda the dog was rushed to a veterinarian after her family discovered her bleeding on the ground from the sudden attack. X-rays showed a bullet lodged in her neck.

Freeda is recovering, but the bullet remains near her spine and Freeda’s guardian fears she may be paralyzed. Freeda is a gentle dog who provides comfort, according to her guardian, and helps with his PTSD. She did not deserve to suffer terrifying pain and violence.

Antifreeze was also reportedly found in several water bowls in the community, causing horrific pain to another innocent dog who tragically may not survive the poisoning.

Police believe these incidents of animal cruelty are related. Dogs in this community deserve to be protected from painful poisonings and violence. The person(s) responsible for this shocking cruelty must be stopped before any other defenseless dogs are harmed or killed.

Two persons of interest have been identified, according to the police.

Sign this petition to urge the Utica Police Department to thoroughly investigate and apprehend the person(s) responsible, before they have the chance to harm another animal and/or human.

Anyone with information about the shooting or antifreeze should report it to the Utica Police Department by calling 812-288-4357.