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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department: https://lasd.org/contact-us/

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PETITION TARGET: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

During an alarming animal cruelty investigation, California authorities seized thousands of roosters likely bred for illegal cockfighting from dirty, cramped cages at an LA County ranch, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Several hundred other animals — including caged dogs and injured horses — in “various states of health” were also seized.

Cockfighting is banned in all 50 states and typically involves putting two roosters into a tight space and forcing them to fight to the death, shredding each other to pieces in the process.

Often, roosters are given performance-enhancing drugs and wear knives or other dagger-like attachments to help puncture lungs, break bones, and pierce eyes.

Authorities are still investigating this case, and no one has been criminally charged. If found guilty, the suspect(s) must be held accountable for raising thousands of innocent roosters for illegal cockfighting.

Sign this petition urging the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to use all available resources for a thorough investigation of this disturbing case and to charge anyone involved in illegal cockfighting activities.

roosters in cage