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Brown County District Attorney David L. Lasee | Phone: (920) 448-4190 | Email: www.browncountywi.gov/contacts/district-attorney

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PETITION TARGET: District Attorney for Green Bay, WI

A small, white dog’s head was slammed against a vehicle and was likely strangled in Green Bay, Wisconsin as reported by Fox 11 News.

A witness said she heard whining outside of her apartment building and looked out the window to see a man repeatedly slamming the white puppy’s head against a vehicle. In video footage, the dog can be heard screaming in pain, as stated in the criminal complaint.

The puppy was then dragged to the back of the car and shoved to the floor behind the driver’s seat, according to the witness. The assailant reportedly hollered at the little dog while the tiny dog cried in pain. As the puppy’s howls oscillated between very loud, muffled, and silenced, police believe the dog was likely being strangled.

“I believe that the dog was crying out in extreme pain, based on the normal ‘yelp’ of a dog, and the heard screams,” a responding police officer wrote in the complaint. “Based on the video footage alone, it is evident that the dog is being caused physical harm and screaming out in pain.”

Blood appeared to be smeared on the rear window of the driver’s side of the car when the responding officer found the car.

According to the witness and video footage, a woman stood by while the abuse occurred. She allegedly watched the helpless puppy try to twist out of the man’s hands, watched the puppy’s head be bashed against metal, and listened to the dog wail in agony — and reportedly did not intervene to help.

Two individuals have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor crimes. A man has been charged with mistreating an animal, intentional violation, and obstruction. A woman has been charged with being party to mistreating an animal and obstruction.

Sign our petition urging the District Attorney for Green Bay to prosecute these individuals to the fullest extent of the law — including a lifelong ban on having animals.