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Butler County Prosecuting Attorney Michael T. Gmoser, Fax: 513-785-5206

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PETITION TARGET: Butler County Prosecuting Attorney

A tiny, brindle puppy, likely only two months old, was trapped in a sealed bag with no food or water — apparently left to die.

Ryder, as he was named by rescuers, was found stuffed into a small, securely-closed, drawstring bag in a Hamilton, Ohio park, reported WLWT5 News. The park worker who found the puppy reportedly struggled to open the bag because it was tied so tightly.

Once the bag was opened, the puppy was seen curled up in a ball at the bottom of the sack, appearing frightened and frail — as pictures from the rescue show.

Even after he was freed, Ryder appeared exhausted, according to the Animal Friends Humane Society (AFHS) who believe he may have still been suffering stress from what he endured.

A man has since been arrested and charged with two misdemeanors: cruelty to a companion animal and abandoning animals, according to Fox 19 News.

Puppies are intelligent, sentient animals who do not deserve to be dumped like garbage or left to die from lack of food or water.

Sign our petition urging the Butler County Prosecuting Attorney to prosecute this act of cruelty to the fullest extent of the law, including preventing the person responsible from having animals in the future.