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PETITION TARGET: Wayne County Prosecutors

UPDATE (8/7/2023): Unsettlingly, the defendant pleaded guilty to one count of  2nd-degree killing/torturing an animal but was sentenced only to 3 years of probation, according to news reports. A charge of abandoning/cruelty to animals was dismissed. Probation is not a fitting sentence for a person who intentionally harmed this dog then threw the conscious and egregiously injured puppy into a trash can. This crime was also one against the human caregiver, who was in the hospital at the time of the attack and said Lady was an emotional support animal. We strongly denounce this sentence and will keep advocating for animals everywhere. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition to at least let the prosecutors know that people cared about this horrific act of intentional violence. We’re glad that Lady survived and is doing ok now, but she deserved better. —Lady Freethinker Staff


A puppy named Lady reportedly was beaten unconscious and dumped in the trash after chewing on a pair of $50 sunglasses in Detroit, Michigan.

The abuser (who reportedly was not Lady’s guardian) filmed himself while beating the sweet pup. The horrific video shows the person screaming at the small dog and shaking and hitting her until she was motionless.  After the dog’s guardian told the man he needed to move out of the house, the man reportedly placed the puppy and her kennel into a trash bin.

The guardian then posted the video to social media, where it quickly went viral and got the attention of the Michigan Humane Society and the Detroit Police Department, according to news reports.

Following the investigation, officials charged a man with counts of second-degree killing and torturing of  animals and of abandoning or cruelty to animals, according to news reports. The puppy reportedly survived the incident.

It’s crucial that whoever beat this sweet dog and left her for dead is held fully accountable for those intentional actions.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including a maximum ban on owning animals.