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PETITION TARGET: Harris County District Attorney’s Office

UPDATE (12/11/2023): According to news, charges were dropped against the man accused because the wounds on the puppies were deemed to have been caused by another animal. – Lady Freethinker Staff


Six puppies arrived at a vet’s office crying in pain after having had their paws, legs, and tails cut off, reportedly by a man in Harris County, Texas.

Two of the puppies had such severe injuries that one had to be euthanized and the other didn’t survive. Police noted the dismembering left clean cuts — making it likely they were caused by a tool, according to news reports.

Neighbors alleged to police that the man has caused death to other animals, and police know the man to be a heavy methamphetamine user, according to a probable cause affidavit

Authorities have arrested the man on four counts of animal cruelty.

No defenseless puppy deserves to be tortured. This case must be treated with the severity it deserves.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to pursue maximum accountability in this case, to include substance abuse and mental health interventions and a lifelong ban on owning or being near animals.