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O’Fallon Police Department via  PIO Sgt. Bryan Harr: [email protected]; O’Fallon Prosecuting Attorney Vincent Johnson: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGETS: O’Fallon Police Department, O’Fallon Prosecuting Attorney

UPDATE (8/21/2023): The St. Charles County Prosecution Attorney’s Office has issued warrants for Animal Abuse/Neglect and Possession of A Controlled Substance on the suspect. A $5000 cash-only bond has been set. In addition, the suspect can no longer have animals in their care, per a spokesperson with the O’Fallon Police Department. We’ll keep watching this case. —Lady Freethinker Staff


A beloved companion dog and cat were found dead and stored inside of a hot car in O’Fallon, Missouri, after a family on vacation left the animals with a trusted pet sitter, according to news reports

The family sensed something was amiss when they asked to Facetime with their loving rescue dog, Gloria, and the sitter refused. A family member in the area who then visited the house found blood in the basement. The sitter reportedly then said the family’s rescued cat, Poodles, had “died” — and then alleged that Gloria the dog had run away, according to news reports.

But the family member reportedly smelled a foul odor coming from the sitter’s vehicle, broke in with a hammer, and then found Gloria’s corpse reportedly buried under clothes in a laundry basket along with the remains of Poodles, according to news.

O’Fallon Police Officers have identified an individual and are pursuing charges of animal abuse and possession of a controlled substance, after a necropsy found Gloria’s death “suspicious.” 

Whoever is responsible for the cruel deaths of these beloved companion animals must be held fully accountable for these acts of intentional and fatal violence.

Sign our petition urging officers and prosecutors to take this case seriously and to push for maximum accountability along with any needed support services, including a psychological evaluation, intensive counseling, and a maximum ban on owning or being around animals for the individual(s) responsible.