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Luzerne County DA Samuel Sanguedolce, [email protected] 570-825-1674

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PETITION TARGET: Luzerne County District Attorney Samuel Sanguedolce

Update (6/5/2023): Defendant Susann Cheslick pleaded “no contest” for multiple counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, cruelty to animals, and neglect,  after investigators determined that at least 28 kittens were put into a freezer alive and died, according to Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office staff and news reports. A judge sentenced Cheslick to 6 months of house arrest and for years of probation, during which time she is not allowed to own animals. We thank everyone who signed our petition for these sweet kittens and hope they are now at peace. – Lady Freethinker Staff


More than two dozen newborn kittens froze to death after being cruelly placed in a freezer while still alive in Pennsylvania, the Times Leader reported.

Animal welfare officers initially went to an apartment in Plans Township, Pa., to remove more than 30 cats living in deplorable conditions following a complaint about the stench of urine and feces spreading throughout the building.

They then discovered the freezer, where they found 28 corpses of dead kittens who were only one- to two- days-old when they were were horrifically frozen alive, according to an SPCA veterinarian who examined them. Several kittens still had attached umbilical cords, and the kittens’ noses and mouths were pink — indicating blood flow was normal before they were put into the freezer.

Rescuers confiscated the still living cats and took them to area animal hospitals and shelters, according to WNEP.

SPCA-Luzerne County humane officers have since charged Susann Cheslick with more than two dozen animal cruelty felonies, WNEP reported.

Intentional acts of brutality against animals must not be tolerated.

Sign our petition calling for prosecutors to obtain justice for these victimized kittens who suffered so horribly. Those responsible for this intentional animal cruelty should be held fully accountable and also receive any needed intervention services, including psychological counseling, as well as a lifetime ban on owning or possessing animals to prevent the possibility of future abuse.