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Live animals – including fish, hermit crabs, lobsters and more – are crammed into tiny packages and shipped across the globe by the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon.

A video posted on Amazon’s website even instructs customers to drive a skewer through the lobster’s body while the helpless animal squirms in pain, then drop the suffering creature into a pot of water to be boiled alive. Amazon is providing explicit instructions for animal torture.

Shockingly, a whole section of Amazon’s website is dedicated to the sale of living animals, which are sold as pets or food for animal or human consumption. Many of the traders responsible for this barbaric practice are backed by Amazon Prime.

These poor creatures are treated like the newest Apple iPad or a 24-pack of toilet paper, thrown in a box and stamped with an address for delivery.

With some sellers promising a full refund if the animals arrive dead on the purchaser’s doorstep, it is apparent that these innocent creatures dying during their harrowing journeys isn’t uncommon. With each shipment taking days to arrive, these animals could’ve been deceased for days, rotting next to the other animals packaged with them.

As more consumers turn to online shops in the wake of the deadly coronavirus, we must put a stop to this cruel practice and remember that it was live animal markets that started the pandemic in the first place.

Sign this petition to urge Amazon to ban its inhumane sale of live animals and put an immediate halt to the needless suffering of hundreds of innocent lives.