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PETITION TARGET: Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney

Two kittens died horrifically after being abandoned and then run over in front of an adult cat and a third kitten in Putnam County, West Virginia.

A witness allegedly watched a woman offload a cat and three kittens from a vehicle before she ran over two of the kittens — estimated to be just 4 weeks old — and left the scene without stopping, according to news.

One kitten, who suffered a crushed skull, died before officers arrived while the second kitten, who had a broken back and crushed pelvis, died at a veterinary clinic after suffering from the serious injuries, according to news.

Officers have charged the woman with six counts of animal cruelty for the intentional abandonments and for failing to seek veterinary care for the injured kittens. 

No kitten deserves to be brutally abandoned, run over, or left for dead. This case must be treated with the severity it deserves.

Sign our petition urging Putnam County prosecutors to obtain justice for these kittens, including pursuing all six animal cruelty charges and a maximum ban on owning animals for the person(s) responsible.