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PETITION TARGET: Perth Magistrates Court

An innocent young goat was left bleeding and in pain after his horns were sawed off and a zip-tie was tied around his scrotum, according to news.

The mutilated goat was found by RSPCA WA inspectors in Peth, Australia after they received an animal cruelty report.

The goat was in devastating shape when he was found. Dried blood was seen around both his horns and scrotum. There was another bodily fluid stemming from the discolored, cold, swollen, zip-tied testicles. The goat’s face and scrotum were infected. He was suffering from necrosis: infected, decaying skin.

The goat was rushed to receive proper veterinary care by the inspectors.

The necrosis was so severe that the veterinarians treating the goat could smell the dying flesh, according to news.

This innocent goat, only 3.5 months old, did not deserve to suffer such gruesome violence. The person responsible for putting this kid through unnecessary pain must be held accountable before any other animals are hurt.

Authorities have reportedly arrested and charged a man who allegedly confessed to causing the goat’s injuries.

Sign our petition urging the Perth Magistrates Court to treat this case with the severity it deserves — including a lifelong ban on having animals.