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York County Regional Police Department, contact form at ycrpd.org

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PETITION TARGET: York County Regional Police Department

A family of geese was struck by a vehicle — killing seven — in what appears to have been a purposeful act of cruelty in York, PA, according to the wildlife rehabilitation center that responded to the incident.

This senseless act of violence by the vehicle’s driver has torn apart a family of innocent beings.

Of the nine victims — two adults and seven goslings — only two babies survivedBoth rescued goslings suffered from broken legs, in addition to suffering the likely emotional and psychological trauma from watching their parents and siblings be horrifically killed.

The act of seemingly “intentional” cruelty was witnessed by an individual who rushed to recover the injured goslings and brought them to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center for medical care, according to the wildlife rehabilitation center.

Tragically, one of the rescued goslings has since passed away, according to local news.

Geese are highly intelligent and emotional animals who form strong familial bonds. They experience pain and grief. They are also a federally protected species —  intentionally killing Canada geese without a permit is illegal as well as inhumane.

These innocent animals did not deserve to be brutally killed or terrorized.

The person responsible for the deaths of the innocent geese has not been identified. For the safety of all animals in the York, PA community, it is crucial that the perpetrator of this horrifying act of apparent cruelty is found and brought to justice.

Sign our petition urging York County Regional Police to thoroughly investigate this case and apprehend the person(s) responsible — before they have a chance to harm another innocent being.