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Northern Territory Crown Prosecution: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Northern Territory Crown Prosecution

Dozens of defenseless puppies and dogs were tortured, sexually abused, and viciously killed by renowned zoologist and crocodile expert Adam Britton in a nightmarish “torture room” in Australia.

The zoologist recently pleaded guilty to 60 acts of animal abuse, bestiality, and child exploitation deemed so depraved that the judge hearing the case excused workers from the courthouse — saying that hearing about them had the potential to cause nervous shock.”

Authorities who raided the man’s property after receiving an online tip reportedly found a dead puppy decomposing in a pond, a dog’s severed leg in a freezer, and a dog’s decapitated head on a neighboring property. They also found at least 15 digital files showing human children engaged in abusive acts, according to news. 

The court also heard that the man reportedly abused his two Swiss Shepherd dogs for a decade; then, between November 2020 and April 2022, he reportedly obtained at least 42 other dogs online whom he then tortured and killed.

He also reportedly filmed the acts in a shipping container on his property and posted the videos to the online platform Telegram, where he talked with other users about his “kill count,” how he got the dogs, and how he disposed of their dead bodies.

That means that not only did the person responsible for killing these dogs commit grievous acts of fatal violence — but he also may have helped or inspired other animal abusers to harm or kill even more animals.

Sentencing is scheduled for December, and this case must be taken seriously.

Sign our petition urging Crown prosecutors to pursue maximum accountability in this atrocious and horrifically sad case — including a lifelong ban on ever owning or being near animals again.