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Adams County District Attorney Brian Sinnett | Email: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: District Attorney for Adams County, Pennsylvania

Dozens of animals were found suffering in filth in a stranded school bus and trailer — including a pony and bull who appear to have been victims of bestiality — in Adams County, Pennsylvania, according to Daily News.

Layers of feces covered the floor and remaining seats of the “inhabitable” bus, according to officers. Straw bales were deteriorating throughout the bus, filthy equipment was stacked with bags of food and other materials, and the animals were left to make space for themselves among the muck.

Three German Shepherds; one Australian Shepherd; and 30 birds including chickens, roosters, ducks, a pony, a bull, and turkeys were forced to live in these deplorable conditions.

The chickens were likely being fed to the dogs. It’s suspected that all the mammals became victims of horrific bestiality. Officials reportedly also obtained videos showing a man sexually abusing the pony and other animals. The man in the videos allegedly distributed the grotesque videos to children.

Sadly, the three German Shepherds had to be euthanized because of severe trauma to their vulvas. They also displayed aggressive behavior that the shelter suspects is the result of extreme mental and physical trauma. A duck had to be euthanized as well because a foot injury prevented them from being able to walk.

A man was arrested and is currently being held in prison on the charge of distributing obscene material to minors. Shockingly, bestiality is still legal in West Virginia, where the distribution crime allegedly occurred. So at this time, he faces no animal cruelty charges.

However, the Adams County SPCA has conducted DNA tests on the animals — who were placed in their care after being seized. It could take weeks or months to receive results, but a result that positively shows the man’s DNA could potentially lead to animal cruelty charges in Pennsylvania.

It is critical that the individual(s) responsible for such heinous abuse never be allowed to have animals again.

Sign our petition urging the Adams County District Attorney to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law, including a lifelong ban on having animals, so not another animal has to endure such horrific trauma.