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Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals: [email protected] // https://www.fcso.ar.gov/contact

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PETITION TARGET: Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals

A beloved family dog named Clyde is now dead after a law enforcement investigator shot him in his family’s driveway.

Chris Coiner, Clyde’s guardian, overheard the gunshot and rushed outside, only to find the officer standing calmly nearby. The investigator, who was at the wrong address while looking for a neighbor, allegedly opened fire on Clyde simply because the dog barked at him, Coiner told FOX 16.

Heartbreaking viral footage of the shooting’s aftermath, showing Clyde’s limp, lifeless body lying motionless in the yard, is sparking widespread outrage and demands for justice.

A Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson defended the investigator’s actions in a statement, claiming that Clyde was aggressive.

Clyde was a loving family member and never threatened humans, said Coiner, whose devastated children were on their way home from school when the tragedy occurred. His younger toddler was especially close to the dog.

Clyde’s death could have been prevented if the officer had used non-lethal force to subdue the dog, and a little boy’s best friend would still be alive.

Sign this petition urging Faulker County Sheriff Tim Ryals to thoroughly investigate this tragic incident and to implement re-training that encourages non-lethal methods of animal control, so that no more dogs lose their lives.

dog and little boy