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PETITION TARGET: Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney Lynchburg

UPDATE (5/22/19): On May 16, 2019, Emily Hubbard was convicted on 18 counts of owning an unlicensed dog, one count of owning an unvaccinated dog, three counts of failure to care for a companion animal, and one count of animal cruelty. While she could have faced 12 months in jail, the judge suspended the jail time on condition of good behavior. Hubbard was also ordered to pay restitution of $946.97, and she is barred from owning companion animals in the future.


A dog was nearly strangled to death after the chain she was tethered to got tangled and choked her.

By the time neighbors of the Lynchburg, Virginia property realized what was happening, the dog, (named Siren) was unconscious, her lifeless body hanging by her neck.

Neighbor Travis Thacker freed her from the chain and performed chest compressions as Siren gasped for air. After several minutes, Siren regained consciousness.

This disturbing incident was captured on video by the Thacker family, who posted it on social media later that day.

Siren’s guardian, Emily Hubbard, says it was a tragic accident, claiming she’d only left the dog chained outside for 15 minutes. However, Travis and Anna Thacker told media they’d been calling the police about Hubbard’s lack of care for her animals for years, to no avail.

This time, police did respond, removing Siren from the property and taking her to a local veterinary clinic.

Hubbard is caring for 18 dogs on her property. She says 13 belong to her and the others she is caring for on behalf of friends.

The Lynchburg Police Department arrested Hubbard following the incident and she is now out on bail. She faces 23 charges, including 18 for keeping an unlicensed dog, one for having an unvaccinated dog, three related to the care of animals, and one animal cruelty charge.

We are pleased the police have taken the situation seriously, but want to ensure that Hubbard receives appropriate consequences for her negligence, which nearly resulted in the death of an innocent animal.

Sign this petition urging The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Lynchburg to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law and ban her from owning animals again in her lifetime.