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Allegany County District Attorney Keith Slep: 585-268-9225

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PETITION TARGET: Allegany County District Attorney

A senior pit bull suffered a horrific and painful death after reportedly being thrown into a burning barrel for “annoying” his owner in Fillmore, New York.

The man reportedly was at a party when he expressed annoyance with his 13- or 14-year-old red nosed pit bull, according to New York State Police. Another person at the party then attempted to intervene, with police saying the man possibly had killed animals before.

The suspect then tied the witness to a chair outside the home and forced the person to watch as he allegedly carried out his pet and burned him to death.  Authorities found the dead, charred body of the dog while executing a search warrant and have since charged the man with kidnapping, aggravated animal cruelty, menacing, torturing an animal, and obstruction.

No dog should ever have had to endure being burned alive. 

This deviant act of intentional and fatal animal cruelty — as well as human abuse — must be treated with the severity it deserves.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to push for maximum accountability for the individual(s) responsible, including a lifelong ban on owning animals.