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Bella Vista Police Chief James Graves: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Bella Vista Police Department

UPDATE (12/8/2021): The Bella Vista Animal Shelter (BVAS) told Lady Freethinker that they turned the case over to the Bella Vista Police, who didn’t file charges because no one was able to be connected to the crime.

“There was an extensive search and no puppies were ever located,” the shelter said.

In happier news, Glory was adopted! She is living a very happy life in her new home, BVAS said.

While we are saddened that no one was found and held accountable for this brutal crime, we are so glad that Glory has the new and loving home that she deserves. Thank you to the more than 32,900 people who signed our petition! —Lady Freethinker staff


Covered in ticks and riddled with bullets, a wounded mother desperately clawed against the side of a well she fell into after being shot and abandoned in Bella Vista, Ark. Terrified and alone, she cried for help in the dark. 

The nursing dog, Glory, whined so loudly that rescuers eventually found her emaciated and dying of thirst. She had recently given birth to puppies, who are still missing.

Glory’s road to recovery is far from over. Veterinarians removed hundreds of ticks from her fur, and the bullets lodged in her weakened body will remain there until she’s healthy enough for surgery.

In the meantime, the race is on to locate Glory’s missing puppies, as well as the individual(s) who left her for dead alongside a busy highway. Whoever is responsible for cruelly shooting this innocent new mother and ripping away her babies must answer for their reprehensible actions. Glory deserves justice.

Sign this petition urging the Bella Vista Police Department to use all available resources to find the perpetrator(s) of these abhorrent actions. Time is of the essence, as other animals could be harmed.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information about this case should contact the Bella Vista Animal Shelter or police department.