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Butler County Sheriff's Office/Sheriff Richard K. Jones: http://www.butlersheriff.org/general-info/contact-us/website-inquiry/

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UPDATE 2/13/2020: A suspect has been arrested! Thank you to all who have spoken out, and to Butler County law enforcement for their work on this case. Suspect Clarence Thomas Jr. now faces charges of abandoning animals and prohibitions concerning companion animals. We now urge Butler County Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser to treat this case with the severity it deserves, and call for a life-long ban on Thomas having animals.

PETITION TARGET: Butler County Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser

Abandoned and locked inside a wire cage, an innocent cane corso puppy starved to death in a deserted motel parking lot.

The emaciated dog, discovered by a postal worker in Butler County, Ohio, appeared to have suffered from prolonged neglect. The postal worker immediately contacted the police for help, but they arrived to discover a lifeless, skeletal body. The puppy most likely spent his final moments alone, freezing, and in agonizing pain.

“From looking at the animal you can literally see every bone in [his] body,” lead dog warden Kurt Merbs told WLWT.

The abuser responsible for this merciless act must be found before he or she can harm any other animals. Please, sign this petition urging the prosecution to call for a strong sentence as well as a lifelong ban on the defendant ever having an animal again.