SIGN: Justice for Dog Abandoned in Sealed Bucket With Legs Taped Together

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PETITION TARGET: Pulaski Police and Animal Control departments

A sweet dog was discovered stuffed inside a sealed bucket with his legs taped together in a dumpster in Pulaski, Virginia.

A passerby heard noise coming from the dumpster and alerted law enforcement, who arrived in time to save the defenseless dog. The dog is currently being held with animal control due to the cruel nature of this crime and won’t be able to be adopted until the investigation is complete.

It’s clear that whoever committed this heinous act intended for the dog to suffer a long, agonizing death, and it’s crucial that authorities find and hold fully accountable the person(s) involved before any other animals are harmed.

Sign our petition to urge the Pulaski Police Department and animal control officers to use all available resources to find the individual(s) responsible for this merciless cruelty, to pass on any relevant charges to a prosecutor, and to push for a maximum ban on owning or being around animals for anyone involved with this horrifying act.

The Pulaski Police Department is offering a monetary reward to anyone who brings forth information that could lead to an arrest. Please call Detective Riddle at 540-994-8609 if you have any information.


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