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PETITON TARGET: State Attorney for Seminole County

A man was arrested for “intentionally” using his vehicle to brutally run over an innocent deer to make a TikTok video, in Geneva, Florida, according to a police report.

The man was apprehended by officers from Seminole County Sherriff’s Office, who had knowledge of the TikTok video.

The driver seemingly attempted to run over five deer and succeeded in hitting one. The video appears to have been posted to TikTok to exploit the suffering of the deer. In addition to the one felony charge for hitting the deer, he is charged with five misdemeanor counts of animal torment, according to the police report.

The arrested man allegedly admitted to “intentionally” driving at deer in attempt to kill them.

Tormenting wildlife for views online — or any reason — cannot be tolerated.

This is not the first time the arrested man has been investigated for harming wildlife and breaking animal conservation laws. In May 2021, he was given six years of probation for illegally hunting on protected land. Two months later, he was caught illegally capturing a fawn.

Deer do not deserve to suffer the fear and pain of being intentionally hit by cars for video views.

Sign our petition urging the Seminole County prosecutors to hold accountable the individual responsible for intentionally killing an innocent deer to the maximum extent of the law before any other animals are harmed.